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Being A Servant Leader

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“Being a Servant Leader” is one that has been taught by people like Spencer Hays and Henry Bedford at Southwestern for over 155 years.

A large number of Executives and Managers in the world live by the attitude “It’s my way or the highway”. That attitude is backwards when it comes to motivating people. Hundreds of managers and leaders have gone through the Southwestern Consulting Manager’s Edge leadership coaching program and one of the first things discussed is the difference between a Leader and a Manager. The key principle being “you lead people and manage numbers”.

What does it mean to be a “Servant Leader”?

Servant Leaders live by the following principles:
-They always put other people ahead of themselves
-They believe “you cannot teach what you don’t know, and you cannot lead where you won’t go”
-They never ask anyone to do something they’re not whiling to do themselves
-They take the blame when things go wrong, and give the credit to the team when things go right

The ultimate Servant Leader said it best “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.” Ps. 37.11. 6. Great leaders are meek and humble in spirit and take this Truth to heart. It is inspiring to see leaders like Henry Bedford, and Spencer Hays in a Southwestern meeting when they grab the pot of coffee and circle around a room of salespeople refilling their cups.

Are you being a Servant Leader at your workplace, at home, and with your family and friends? Or are you interested in serving yourself and telling other people what you want them to do?

For more information about Southwestern Consulting leadership coaching and the Manger’s Edge:

Spencer Hays: I Am a Person of Influence

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Last week one of my mentors and the wealthiest man that I know (Spencer Hays)

Spencer Hays

gave me a card that has wisdom flowing from it.  This man is not only wealthy, but almost every business he has been involved in over his 50+ years in business has been successful.  He is a business owner of the Southwestern Company, entrepreneur, leader, recruiter, trainer, and hard worker.  I personally think the most endearing thing about him is the fact that he truly is humble and knows in his heart who he really is.  Just look at one of his business cards, the title he chooses to go by is “Salesman”.

Here is what’s written on the card he gave me:

I Am A Person of Influence

  • I make people feel appreciated.
  • I make people feel that they belong.
  • I make people feel that what they do is important, that they count, that they make a difference.
  • I help people develop a vision for what they can become, achieve, and have.
  • I help people develop specific goals with pay values and plans.
  • I help people face and overcome fears, doubts, and regrets.
  • I help people develop competency related to sales, products, and technical aspects of the business.
  • I make sure people know that I believe in them.
  • I set a good example.
  • I give vision.
  • I give hope that the vision can become a reality.
  • I create understanding.
  • I keep people from becoming distracted by trivial matters.

I do these things over and over again!

“There is no more noble occupation in the world than to assist another human being – to help someone succeed.” – Alan Loy McGinnis

Compiled by Spencer Hays and his Business Associates at the Southwestern Company

For more information about Spencer Hays and his Southwestern Company Business Associates go to .

Also check out Spencer’s recommended reading:

3 Universal Success Truths

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Spencer Hays- Southwestern Company 3 Success Truth

Spencer Hays- Southwestern Company 3 Success Truth

Spencer Hays the majority share holder of the Southwestern Company (who was featured in Forbes Magazine) was meeting with a key leader of a new Southwestern Company sister company. When asked what does it take to build a company from the ground floor to over $100 million in annual revenue (as Hays has done several times), his reply was brilliant yet simple. Mr. Hays looked at the young business leader and said “When I met with Jim McEachern to help start Tom James (the world’s largest custom clothier) our game plan was simple, we followed 3 universal success truths: 1. Set high goals. 2. Have great self talk. 3. Hold yourself accountable.

Tom James

Jim McEachern- Founder of Tom James/ Southwestern Company Alumni

Setting high goals is no stranger to Spencer Hays who is the business artist that shaped the culture of all the Southwestern Companies. Spencer began his sales career selling books door-to-door with virtually nothing to start with and now is has a portfolio of companies that range from selling books door-to-door, to real estate, custom clothing, fine art, consulting, sales seminars, head hunting, insurance, publishing, school fund raising, sports magazines, and more!

Walking through the halls of the Southwestern Company one might run into Mr. Hays and ask him how he is doing. The 1956 Southwestern Company book salesman will respond “I’m fit, fine, and fantastic. I’m ripen, roaring, and raring to go. How are you?” No one has better self talk than Spencer Hays.

The Southwestern Company and Spencer Hays family of companies are the best at holding themselves accountable. The mission statement of Southwestern is “we build people, and those people build great companies”. Giving people the ability to hold themselves accountable is one of his keys to creating a self managed team. Spencer always make sure people are focused on the activity it takes to be successful not the results.

Spencer Hays has proven that any business can be successful by following these 3 universal success truth.

For more information about Spencer Hays and his success truth go to

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