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Attitude Determines Your Altitude

Posted in southwestern company with tags , , , , on January 19, 2011 by Dustin Hillis

Nate Vogel from the Southwestern Company has trained thousands of top producing salespeople. He always teaches his West Coast and Canadian sales teams “Your attitude determines your altitude”.

Attitude Determines Your Altitude

Attitude is a funny thing. It can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

My father was in a board meeting a while back and the CEO was going around the table to each division head and blasting them for their slow year in production. The CEO started to lay into the man that was sitting next to him and his reaction was different from the rest. Instead of putting his head down and letting the CEO effect his attitude, he was smiling with his head held high. This infuriated the CEO and caused him to lay into the gentleman even more telling him to “wipe that look off of his face” and asking him “what are you smiling about?”. The unwavering manager stood up and said “no disrespect… but you can yell and cuss at me, but no matter what you will never be able to take away my positive attitude”. After the bold leader sat down the CEO’s demeanor changed and said with a smile “that’s the kind of attitude we need around here!”

Attitude is not something that people are born with. Attitude is a choice that his made everyday. Are you going to choose to embrace what life dishes out and make “lemonade out of life’s lemons”… or are you going to be an emotional wreck who lives a life of drama and uncertainty? Ultimately people are attracted to the one with the brightest attitude, and repelled by the one with the worst attitude.

Make your choice. Attract or repel. Lemonade or Lemons. Consistency or uncertainty. Smile or scowl. How high of an altitude do you want to go in life? It’s your choice that you make daily that will determine the altitude of your success. Don’t let anyone or anything take that daily choice away from you.

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