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You Cannot Teach What You Don’t Know & Lead Where You Won’t Go

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Those that cannot do, teach.

hypocrite or walk the talk

The world is hypersensitive to hypocrites.  The idea of someone telling me what to do that doesn’t practice what he or she preaches makes me cringe.  Kids see hypocrisy in their parents when the parent tells them to not cuss, meanwhile the parent cusses away.  Salespeople see hypocrisy in their sales manager when he demands they do something that he himself has never done.  The citizens of a country see it in their leader when he asks the country to make sacrifices that he himself is not willing to make.

No one wants to be a hypocrite.  So, why doesn’t everyone walk the talk?  Why do people reach the top and stop doing the activity that got them into that position?  Why do people who’ve never earned anything feel like they deserve something?  The answer is simple yet not easy to hear…entitlement.

Being entitled is so much easier than being a leader.  Entitlement is a gross character flaw trap that people fall into.  Our society has created a world of entitlement.  Think about it.  Parents tell their kids “make good grades, so you can get into the college you deserve”; colleges tell you “get your degree, so you can get the job you deserve”; employers tell you “come work here, so you can make the money you deserve”; marketers tell you “make a lot of money, so you can have the happiness you deserve”.  All the while no one is saying, “You don’t deserve anything!”  We are called to live up to the potential God has given us…nothing more, nothing less.

Leaders lead by example.  Leaders give and don’t expect to receive.  Leaders give advice from a “what I personally do when facing this problem” perspective.  Those who walk the talk, believe in other people and have an abundance-giving attitude inspire people to follow them.  Those who talk a big game without backing it up expect others to do all the work for them, and feel like everyone owes them something.

Do you walk the talk?  Or, do you focus on what you deserve?

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