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Identifying Someone’s Buying Behavior Style

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The 7 Second Rule:

When selling to someone, you need to be able to sell the way they like to buy. In order to do this, you need to first build a connection with that person. You only have seven seconds to identify someone’s buying behavior style. After those seven seconds, they have formed their opinion on whether or not they like you and if they will do business with you. Here are some tips for each buying behavior on how to quickly and accurately identify them.

  • The Fighter: When the fighter dresses, they will wear bolder colors. When you meet a male fighter, he could have on a red solid tie or pinstripes on his suit, for example. They dress to show they are in control and will typically spend more money on their clothing than other buying behavior styles. They also usually will wear items like a championship ring as jewelry. Awards and recognition motivate the fighter. When they shake your hand, a fighter will either give you the “tomahawk chop”, which is a quick tomahawk chop motion or the “javelin jab” where they assert their arm firmly toward you. Look for their hand to have stiffness to it and they will oftentimes stare at their hand when they reach for you to shake it. When they are shaking your hand, they’ll apply more pressure and then less pressure. The true sign of a fighter buying behavior style is that they turn their hand on top of yours when giving you a handshake. This implies that they are in control.
  • The Detective: Detectives are perfectionists when it comes to dressing. Their clothes will rarely ever be wrinkled. Look for perfectly creased pants, tucked in shirts and a very neat appearance. When they shake your hand, it’s almost a perfect handshake – the pressure is perfect and their wrist is directly in front, not on top or on bottom. Detectives will step back after they shake your hand showing that they have a certain comfort zone.
  • The Counselor: Counselors love to dress comfortably. When traveling, they will wear something that is the most comfortable to them and even in business they will dress more for comfort than for business. Counselors are the most minimalist. When they shake your hand, they are the most reserved. They will usually have their hand in their pockets and be more hesitant to give you a handshake. Counselors have a very soft handshake because their fear is change and they do not want to embrace you positively or negatively until they have decided whether or not they trust you.
  • The Entertainer: The entertainer wears bright colors and more jewelry. Entertainer women will wear big hoop earrings, big necklaces and costume jewelry. Entertainer men will wear brighter button up shirts. Entertainers will spend the most money on clothing than the other buying behaviors and dress to impress. Entertainers are also the most extroverted of all the buying behaviors. They will walk into a room and give you a high five or a big hug. They will often over-extend their arm and put their hand underneath yours when giving a handshake. Entertainers are motivated by affirmations, so if you see an entertainer who has a new outfit, haircut or shoes make sure to compliment them and you’ll have a friend for life!

To perfect identifying someone’s buying behavior style in seven seconds give yourself a thirty-day challenge. Always carry a notepad and when you meet with people start trying to identify that person’s buying behavior. Write down their name and their buying behavior and start charting out every buying behavior of your organization.This will make it easier to change your approach to match their buying behavior style.

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Navigate: Your Buying Behavior Style

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At the Southwestern Company I learned how to sell the way people like to buy.  In order to understand the buying behavior style of others you first should understand your own buying style. By “buying behavior style” I am referring to your default behavior when buying or being sold to. Are you a fighter–results oriented and aggressive? An entertainer–outgoing and motivated by affirmation? A counselor–the team player who avoids controversy? Or a detective–the detail-oriented perfectionist? These are the 4 most common behaviors that I’ve identified in my book.

It’s essential for the salesperson to understand and be able to identify the buying behavior of others so that they can adapt their personality and selling style. Take the Navigate Behavior Profile Assessment to find out your own default buying behavior style. Remember, your social behavior is not the same as your buying behavior in a high pressured selling situation!

Picture 3Navigate Behavior Profile Test

Pay attention to the buying behaviors that you are most like and least like. Understanding your own social behavior as well as your buying behavior will provide incredible insight into how you should sell to others. For ideas and techniques on how to sell to the various buying behaviors read my book, Navigate: Selling The Way People Like To Buy.

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