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The Daily Dozen

Posted in Motivational, southwestern company, the art of not thinking with tags , , , on April 6, 2011 by Dustin Hillis

Bob Watral, one of our Top Producer’s Edge coaching clients, was describing how busy he always is and that sometimes he loses sight of what is important. Bob then asked me an excellent question; he said “What are the top 12 things I need to be focusing on everyday?”
Bob agreed that people spend to much time focused on the wrong things… their time is consumed with non-income producing activity.

What we came up with to solve this dilemma is called “The Daily Dozen”. This is a list of a dozen activities to focus on every day to insure yourself a successful day:

1 – Have fun / a great attitude every day.
2 – Focus on income producing activities (Hit my Critical Success Factors “CSF” #s).
3 – Work hard and smart. Be efficient and effective. Cold call and then ask for, get, and work referrals.
4 – Work systematically. Create a schedule allocating every minute of every day. Live and die by my schedule.
5 – Only care about doing what is right and necessary, don’t worry about who is right.
6 – Focus on activities, not results.
7 – Cultivate an environment of trust and likability so that people will want to refer me to their friends.
8 – All that matters is what I do, not what I know. Execute the things I know I need to do.
9 – Do the ordinary things extraordinarily well.
10 – Form the habit of doing those things daily that unsuccessful people don’t like to do.
11 – Outwork everybody in sight.
12 – Maximize every second of the day.

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