Vanderbilt University Marketing Class Lessons

Vanderbilt University Marketing Class

“Who thinks they are going to be in sales when they graduate?” is the question I kicked off my class lecture with in the business class at Vanderbilt University. Which is the same question I’ve asked in my last six times of being their guest professor.  It amazes me every time I ask the question that no one raises their hand!

The number one thing I hope the Vanderbilt students get out of our session is that everyone is in sales no matter what profession they choose after college. At Southwestern Consulting we have doctors, lawyers, and dentist who all have gone through our 12 months coaching program to learn how to be a salesperson.  Because the hundreds of thousands of dollars they spent on their formal education didn’t teach them the most import piece of running their business, SALES!

The second thing I hope they take away from our class is that selling is serving, not forcing someone to do something they don’t want to do. One of the sharp young students asked me about a book the guy from the Wolf on Wall Street wrote. Thinking I was going to agree with his manipulation tactics and when I told him I believe the best salespeople in the world are the antithesis of the Wolf on Wall Street, he was shocked.

The third thing I hope they take away is an understanding of the art of true salesmanship and how it is a craft that can be honed just like any other profession, such as a doctor or lawyer. The younger generations have this fantasy that when they are ready to hit the working world they will just get a job, the phone will ring, and they will be doing what they love. They have no idea that what they are learning in college is a small fraction of what they need to know to be successful.

It is fun teaching this class every semester and staying in touch with the next generation of world leaders!  I hope that we all continue to reinforce and instill the right principles to our kids and the younger generations. It’s a good reminder every time I teach this class how much the world does not teach or promote the truth about what it takes to be successful in life, and it reinvigorates me to keep coaching and helping people focus on doing the right things and achieve their goals in life.

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