Discover Your Prospect’s Personality Just by Listening to Their Voicemail

Awesome Navigate voicemail tips from Amanda Johns Vaden!

Amanda Johns Vaden | Keynote Speaker | Gender Communication | Coaching | Business Consultant


Knowing the personality of the people you’re cold calling is a unique but important skill set that you need to know.

You may be thinking, “How can I know the personality of who I’m calling if I’ve never met them before?”

That’s one of my favorite questions to be asked, because I believe that you can figure out someone’s personality over the phone just as easily as you can in person.

In fact, sometimes I really hope that I get someone’s voicemail because it will tell me exactly what kind of personality I’m dealing with.

There are four different types of personalities and four different types of voicemails that we are going to quickly cover. So I’m going to give you an example of a voicemail and then tell you who it is. You’ve all heard these voicemails before.

Detective Personality

A very typical voicemail that I hear that will…

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