Modify: Counselor (Pt. 2)

Presentation and Close with a Counselor Natural Buying Style

Presentation and Close with a Counselor Natural Buying Style

Did you miss it? Last week was Modify: Counselor Part One. Catch up here.

When it comes to modifying our natural sales approach to adapt to a Counselor’s buying behavior style, it’s important to remember that a Counselor is a team player.

They are active listeners.  They are the people who are family-oriented.  They are the slowest of all the decision makers; they are more meticulous and they buy through consensus.

If you’re working with a Counselor, you’ll need to hone in and get to the core of what they are motivated by and, if you’re selling to a Counselor, what their biggest fears are.

So what is their biggest fear?

Their biggest fear is change.

One of our clients is DIRECTV.  For DIRECTV, it can be a challenge selling to a Counselor because almost every single one of their clients is changing from one product to another—from Comcast to DIRECTV.  When a Counselor is dealing with fundamentally having to change something, it is a fear of theirs.  We need to help them get over that fear and feel confident that this is the right decision for their team and their family.  We need to help them move forward despite that fear.

When presenting to a Counselor (also true for the approach), what we really want to make sure we are doing is to slow it down. Click here to continue reading.

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