The All In Principle

The All In Principle

Nothing great has ever been done half-hearted.  You cannot accomplish something extraordinary with one foot in and one foot out.  You have to be all in!

Hernan Cortes figured it out when he and his 600 men went on a mission to conquer Mexico.  The only way they could possibly find a way to win the battle and conquer Mexico was to burn the boats.  He knew that having no escape, no plan B was the only way he could possibly motivate his men to not quit and find a way to win.

I think the only reason I was able to get a scholarship to play college football was from a very valuable lesson I learned from my coach in high school, Coach Adams.  In the middle of a game, Coach Adams pulled me out of the game and asked me an interesting question.  He said “on that last play were you going 100%?”  I replied “well no.  The play was away from me and I was saving my energy for the next play.”  Coach Adams laughed and said “if you go 100% ever play, you will have more energy for the next play every time.  Energy creates more energy.  You need to go 100% every play.”  After that I ran back on the field and for the rest of my football career, I said out loud before every play “I go 100% every play.”  That lesson changed my life.

Do you go 100% every play, every phone call, every meeting, every day?  Set a simple goal over the next 21 days…go 100% every play!

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