Focus Is Power

Focus Is Power

Problem: We think when we should be acting, and we relax when we should be thinking. 

I recently was in Ohio working with one of our Southwestern Consulting™ coaches named Karla.  Karla’s husband is a farmer.  We were discussing how during the harvest season her husband is absolutely focused on harvesting their crops and nothing else.

In business and life, so many people worry about “balance”.

Thinking of life as seasons helps provide focus.  Focus is power.  Focus literally is power.  You can focus the light of the sun and create fire.  You can focus the pressure of water and cut through steel.  How focused are you?

focus is power

focus is power

As I write this, there are thousands of college students in a “Harvest Season” out selling books.  There are many seasonal professions out there.  Great American is one of our Southwestern sister companies and their harvest season is from August- November.  Some industries have a harvest season at the end of every month. When is your “harvest season”?

Here are the rules of engagement to focus during a harvest season to maximize your results:

  • Act; don’t think
  • Literally move fast
  • Plan, study and prepare during “non-income producing activity time”
  • Make quick decisions – be  the world’s most decisive problem solver
  • Work harder, longer and smarter than you ever have in your life
  • Do not waste one single second
  • Have fun – take what you do serious, and yourself lightly
nate vogel


My good friend Nate Vogel named his organization “Red Line” representing when you push a car to its maximum speed the RPM gauge will cross the red line. I love this analogy of “red lining” because so few have ever experienced what it feels like to truly go all out and “red line”.  I feel the reason people don’t go all in and “red line” is fear.  Whether it’s the fear of losing, the fear of rejection, the fear of success, or the fear of (insert your fear)… fear is the greatest paralyzer of focus.

Ask Yourself These 3 Questions:

1.  When is your Harvest Season?

2.  How many times in your life have you “red lined”?

3.  Are you willing to step up to the challenge and try “red lining” during your Harvest Season?


You can do this. Go all in.  Don’t hold back.  Give 100% every day, every hour, every minute.

Focus is power.


If you need help maintaining your focus, you might need a coach.  Complete this form for more information about getting a coach that is right for you:

3 Responses to “Focus Is Power”

  1. Steve Chapleski Says:

    Love the analogy of red lining. I didn’t get the answer I was expecting or hoping for when I asked myself how many times I have redlined in my life. The number seems unjustifiably low. This helped me recognize that the goals I have set for myself have much to do with the outcome and little to do with the sacrifices that must be made in the process. I will set a goal to experience red lining next week. I’ll pick the day, the task, and I’ll define what red lining will look like. Then I’ll commit to it and grow from the EXPERIENCE, not just the outcome.

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