Leadership Tips from Dan Moore – Part One

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Dan Moore

Dan Moore (the President of the Southwestern Advantage and partner at Southwestern Consulting) hosted the 26th Annual Southwestern Company “Great Recruiters Seminar” in Nashville, TN recently. After the Freddie’s Awards banquet, I had the honor of discussing Leadership ideas with Dan.

Here are the top 3 leadership lessons from Dan Moore:

1. A Great Introduction Determines the Outcome of the Presentation.

The way you introduce someone is a window for them to see what you really think about them… which will affect the way they see themselves.

Dan Moore’s Tips for a Great Introduction:

Group Introduction Tips

  • Interview the person you are going to introduce and find out one thing personal and one thing in business that is interesting.
  • Interview the manager/or a close friend/ or family member of the person you’re introducing and find out about something about their past that other people might not know.
  • Write down as much information as possible about the person you’re introducing in a bullet point outline of everything you’re going to say in the introduction. That way if you forget a couple of points, you’ll have more then enough information about them.
  • Study the note card 1o minutes before you introduce and then put the note card away.
  • One-on-One Introduction

When introducing 2 people who haven’t met, it is a golden opportunity to build them up and help further define their role on the team.

  • Think of 3 things that are truly unique about each person you work with.
  • Think of 3 things that each person on the team is gifted in.
  • Think of a couple of areas each person contributes to the team that other people might not know about.
  • Don’t hold back about really amplifying how amazing someone is when introducing them to someone who has never met them.

Dan Moore shared a story with me about when Dan was on the Marketing Team at Southwestern and he went to film a speech by Mort Utley and the person introducing Mort did a very sub-par job on the introduction. Dan said that Mort had to spend the first 15 minutes of the 30 minute speech establishing credibility and connecting with the crowd. By the end of the speech, Mort had won the hearts of the spectators over (as he always did) and walked to the back of the room with Dan as everyone was leaving. Mort looked at Dan and taught him a lesson he’s never forgotten, he said “Dan promise me this. When you introduce someone, make sure you put as much energy and enthusiasm as you’d want someone to do for you. Otherwise, you’re setting someone up to spend a majority of their time digging out of the hole you put them in.”

… Stay tuned for the other 2 lessons from Dan Moore in weeks to come.

11 Responses to “Leadership Tips from Dan Moore – Part One”

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  2. This is so true: a good intro goes a long way toward speaking success. My worst intro ever involved a faculty professor who ignored my bio and just said, “Here’s Lee McCroskey, he works with Southwestern, and he’ll tell you about himself.” Death. You’ve got to give the crowd a reason to pay attention.

  3. Thank you for the intro tip. I never thought of the impact a good or poor intro has. I will be mindful of this in the future.

    • You’re welcome Sheri. I never thought of the importance of an introduction until I saw Dan Moore introduce people. Enjoy using this idea to enhance your leadership skills!

  4. This is a real nugget from one of the all-time greats at this particular aspect of leadership. If you haven’t been introduced by Dan Moore, you haven’t been REALLY introduced. I had the privilege a couple of decades ago when Dan and I were friendly rivals at competitive colleges building our SW organizations.

    Dan is everything that an SW President should be. He is a phenomenal business person, a great leader, and an even better human being. Thanks for the tips, Dan. They apply everywhere!

  5. Charles Brigman Says:

    • I believe Dan Moore shares an awesome insight about the subject of an appropriate introduction. The into done correctly edifies someone you not only respect, but the humility to display it appropriately… It lends validation with a personal note… You do your own homework; it ads that you appreciate the person, building value for both the audiences and the individuals time and grace. Not to mention its music to the audiences, and especially to the person your introducing s, ears. A great intro, much like a song, amounts enthusiasm and collectively builds levity for a successful transition… The intro is the correct seasoning to a meal… Ultimately it’s for a comprehensive and seamless flow… Simply, people, return to reorder, the same delicious meal, if it’s properly prepared… And when they do, it’s by an expectation of recall so doing it by name when they do… Dan Moore has always exemplified the inherent priority of a proper introduction! How do I know? Prior to anything I may know about the subject, if Dan is presenting it, I find myself interested… Just mention the name Dan Moore… I’ll tell you I am interested… Dan Moore prepares…

  6. I agree Dustin… a great intro is like a great headline in a newspaper ad… it’s there to catch attention and arouse curiosity for more.

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