Spencer Hays: I Am a Person of Influence

Last week one of my mentors and the wealthiest man that I know (Spencer Hays)

Spencer Hays

gave me a card that has wisdom flowing from it.  This man is not only wealthy, but almost every business he has been involved in over his 50+ years in business has been successful.  He is a business owner of the Southwestern Company, entrepreneur, leader, recruiter, trainer, and hard worker.  I personally think the most endearing thing about him is the fact that he truly is humble and knows in his heart who he really is.  Just look at one of his business cards, the title he chooses to go by is “Salesman”.

Here is what’s written on the card he gave me:

I Am A Person of Influence

  • I make people feel appreciated.
  • I make people feel that they belong.
  • I make people feel that what they do is important, that they count, that they make a difference.
  • I help people develop a vision for what they can become, achieve, and have.
  • I help people develop specific goals with pay values and plans.
  • I help people face and overcome fears, doubts, and regrets.
  • I help people develop competency related to sales, products, and technical aspects of the business.
  • I make sure people know that I believe in them.
  • I set a good example.
  • I give vision.
  • I give hope that the vision can become a reality.
  • I create understanding.
  • I keep people from becoming distracted by trivial matters.

I do these things over and over again!

“There is no more noble occupation in the world than to assist another human being – to help someone succeed.” – Alan Loy McGinnis

Compiled by Spencer Hays and his Business Associates at the Southwestern Company

For more information about Spencer Hays and his Southwestern Company Business Associates go to www.southwestern.com .

Also check out Spencer’s recommended reading: http://secure.ssnseminars.com/store/Navigate-Selling-the-Way-People-Like-to-Buy-book-by-Dustin-Hillis-P621C10.aspx

4 Responses to “Spencer Hays: I Am a Person of Influence”

  1. Dustin- this is fabulous! I will make my own card! Keep the great motivational stuff coming. We need it with all the negative media!

  2. remo jõeorg Says:

    sweet deal !

  3. Dustin,

    This is awesome. Thank you for sharing. I will print this and put it on my desk!

  4. Joseph W. (Joe) Newton Says:

    Glad to see this publication. Haven’t seen Spencer since my book-selling days (Summers of ’63, “64 & ’65), but glad to know he is doing well. Have wondered how such men as Jim McCarthy, Charlie Carroll and Norman Kellum are doing. If still living, I would be surprised if they are not all doing well.

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