The Art of Not Thinking: When Should You Be Thinking?

When should you be thinking?

The Art of Not Thinking

There are 3 times that are optimal for thinking.

1. The best time for thinking is during a scheduled time that you have set aside to plan out your day, week, month, or year.
One of my Sales Management Performance Coaches (Chris Samuels) gave me a valuable piece of advice. He told me “Dustin, successful people always make sure to set a time at the end of each day to prepare for the next day”. He said that during this time look over your schedule and ask yourself “what do i need to do to prepare for the conversations, meetings, and task that I will be doing”.

This skill set is called “Mastering the Art of Preparation”.

When a Southwestern Consulting Sales Coach trains a client on Mastering the Art of Preparation, they teach them how to not think at the wrong time. The number one “time-waster” is over-thinking. The reason mid-level producers don’t reach the next level is that they over analyze. They get analysis paralysis. The goal is to be so prepared before we’re on the battlefield that we have already won the fight for the day before the day even begins.

Stay tuned for more ideas on “The Art of Not Thinking”…

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