Top 5 Things To Look For In A Job

Southwestern ConsultingTM has been helping people reach their potential in over 35 cities across the world from London to Los Angeles by training, motivating, coaching, and consulting top sales professionals from every different arena. We have trained the #1 Remax broker in the nation and the #1 Keller Williams agent in the nation. We have coached the top 1% of producers and managers from companies such as Northwestern Mutual, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, Yellow Pages, Wells Fargo, Verizon, Toyota, Bankers Life, State Farm, and many more.

What we have found is that the cream of the crop in every industry has 5 common reasons why they choose to work with their company. We have also found that those same 5 reasons are why great entrepreneurs and team builders attract top talent to work with them. More importantly, we’ve found that these same 5 reasons are why people stay with a company for more than 1-2 years, and are why people build 30 year long careers with a company.

Debunking the myths
If we were to survey a room of managers and ask them what are the top 5 things people are looking for in a job? Most would reply with the following:

1. Money
2. Security
3. Contribution
4. Co-workers they like
5. Creativity

The problem with this thinking is it comes from a very short-term perspective. I recently saw a job advertisement that was promoting a job where the top money earner made over $300,000. That’s a great ad for hiring someone who is hungry for money in the short term to go work somewhere that they possibly aren’t passionate about. Yet they could still go to work there because of the opportunity to earn big bucks. However, we have found that the best of the best people who are satisfied in their jobs do not always go to the opportunity where the employers are throwing money at a certain job. Don’t get me wrong. Making a lot of money is a great thing as long as you are making it in an area about which you are passionate.

The other day I was on a coaching call with a woman who has been working in her job for less than a year. She was explaining to me how she isn’t motivated. Here were the 6 reasons she was miserable.

1. Her boss was “arrogant”. – Any time a company is “personality-driven” the people working for that personality will feel less than the ego-driven owner. Look for companies that are “principle-driven”, rather than “personality-driven”.
2. Each time she came up with an idea her manager took credit for it. – True leaders will give credit to the team and others for the great ideas, and the true leader also will take the blame when things go wrong.
3. She felt like her opinion didn’t count. – If your opinion doesn’t count, why have one? Why should you care if the company succeeds if they don’t care about your opinion?
4. She knows that the management team did not care about her as a person. – You are not a number. A good leader should be interested in your passions, family and life.
5. The office environment was negative. – Your attitude will always be a reflection of the people around you. I once heard a fallacy that you don’t have to be positive to be successful. I would define being successful as being positive all the time regardless of the circumstances.
6. No one appreciated her for any extra effort she was putting in. – Appreciation is the fuel for enthusiastic effort.

She didn’t mention one word about how much money she was making or the security of her job.

When it comes right down to it, there are few people who are motivated by money alone. If you’re one of those people, more power to you. For the rest of us, here are the top 5 things we have found that successful people look for in a job that they actually enjoy.
1. Co-workers that you respect and truly enjoy being with – When you work with friends, your job becomes a hobby.
2. Contribution – Make sure that your company understands where the best ideas come from…the people actually doing the work!
3. Creativity – If you do not have the flexibility to create your own style and adapt the system given to you, then you might feel like a robot working for the man.
4. Money – Make sure that you have the opportunity to earn what you need to make the proper investments to live the life of your dreams.
5. Security – I have rarely seen a company that would terminate someone who was productive, positive, contributing, and believed in the mission of the company.

For everyone who is currently on the job hunt or anyone who is unhappy with their current job, here are 2 questions to ask yourself when making one of the biggest decisions of your life.

1. Would I want to spend time with my boss outside of work?
Do you think your potential boss is full of integrity and will do what he/she says he/she will do? Do you see characteristics in your boss that you want to emulate?

2. Am I passionate about the service this job provides the world?
Is the product/ service something you believe in and would buy for yourself? You can be successful at anything you believe in and are passionate about!

Take an educated risk
Step 1. Identify what you are passionate about. (i.e., cars, travel, fashion, helping other people succeed, etc.)
Step 2. Make a list of the characteristics you want to see in the people you work with. (i.e., humble, innovative, honest, caring, hard working, kind, etc.)
Step 3. Break down how much money you need to get started and then figure out how much money you will need to make to invest and live the life of your dreams. (Many times the best opportunities do not come with a guaranteed amount of income. However, great companies will provide you with the support and structure to blow past any guarantee with a small commission. Most of my personal coaching clients who earn over $500,000 per year started with a small draw or straight commission or started their own business and went in debt for several years before building their momentum in what they were passionate about and living the life of their dreams.)

Don’t waste your life chasing a buck. Go after what you are passionate about with all your might, and when the dust settles you will be on top!

For more info on job opportunities click HERE.

12 Responses to “Top 5 Things To Look For In A Job”

  1. What Yellowpages company did you help coach? i work for DexOne up in Chicago, they could use some of these principles to be more successful for sure!

    • Hello Tina,

      We’ve trained Yellowpages salespeople from San Francisco to Florida. I’ve personally coached some of the top producers out of the San Fran office and have really enjoyed helping one of them become the #1 producer in that group. I’d love to hear more about DexOne and how we might be able to help you guys grow your sales. Email me at

  2. Brian Wilson Says:


  3. Brian Wilson Says:

    Spot On

  4. Trey Campbell, APR Says:

    Dustin – it’s interesting to see what peoples perception is versus reality when it comes to the myth in what people thing they want in a job short-term versus what they really want/need long-term. Sometimes, money really doesn’t buy happiness and work satisfaction.

  5. D,

    First of all…hope all is well with you champ and miss you and many of the SW “fam”. Second, and more relevant, this is the best post I’ve read from you my friend! You touched the heart of the issue here, and put words to what many people are missing when it comes to their work…they do not have/feel/see their purpose!! If that is missing in what we spend most of our time doing and what we depend on for our living, then we will either accept mediocrity and deal with it until we break, or bounce around looking for meaning without ever finding “passion” in our work.


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