Ipad= Thumbs Up

We are blessed to live in the information age.  The ability to communicate has never been better.

According to a Gallup study the number one way to communicate with someone under the age of 30 is text messaging, and the number two preferred form of communication is social media.  It is vitally important to use the cutting edge tools that are available help you present your message or product to demonstrate the difference between you and the competition.  Not taking advantage of the technology that is available is like in the Roman Empire days deciding that you would prefer to go to battle without a shield… it would be crazy!

Sales Tools

Sales Tools

The modern day shield of the Information Age is the Apple Ipad.  I recently started using an Ipad for sales presentations…. and I feel like I did the first time I drove a Lexus- Smooth, dependable, fast, and classy.

A crucial application with the Ipad is documents-to-go.  It transfers all your documents from your laptop over to the Ipad!  Make sure to start creating all your presentations on Keynote, it is the James Bond of power points.  Last but not least, the portable keyboard is a must!

My HP notepad is great, my Droid X is great… but my Ipad is incredible!

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