3 Universal Success Truths

Spencer Hays- Southwestern Company 3 Success Truth

Spencer Hays- Southwestern Company 3 Success Truth

Spencer Hays the majority share holder of the Southwestern Company (who was featured in Forbes Magazine) was meeting with a key leader of a new Southwestern Company sister company. When asked what does it take to build a company from the ground floor to over $100 million in annual revenue (as Hays has done several times), his reply was brilliant yet simple. Mr. Hays looked at the young business leader and said “When I met with Jim McEachern to help start Tom James (the world’s largest custom clothier) our game plan was simple, we followed 3 universal success truths: 1. Set high goals. 2. Have great self talk. 3. Hold yourself accountable.

Tom James

Jim McEachern- Founder of Tom James/ Southwestern Company Alumni

Setting high goals is no stranger to Spencer Hays who is the business artist that shaped the culture of all the Southwestern Companies. Spencer began his sales career selling books door-to-door with virtually nothing to start with and now is has a portfolio of companies that range from selling books door-to-door, to real estate, custom clothing, fine art, consulting, sales seminars, head hunting, insurance, publishing, school fund raising, sports magazines, and more!

Walking through the halls of the Southwestern Company one might run into Mr. Hays and ask him how he is doing. The 1956 Southwestern Company book salesman will respond “I’m fit, fine, and fantastic. I’m ripen, roaring, and raring to go. How are you?” No one has better self talk than Spencer Hays.

The Southwestern Company and Spencer Hays family of companies are the best at holding themselves accountable. The mission statement of Southwestern is “we build people, and those people build great companies”. Giving people the ability to hold themselves accountable is one of his keys to creating a self managed team. Spencer always make sure people are focused on the activity it takes to be successful not the results.

Spencer Hays has proven that any business can be successful by following these 3 universal success truth.

For more information about Spencer Hays and his success truth go to www.southwesternconsulting.com.

11 Responses to “3 Universal Success Truths”

  1. “Spencer always make sure people are focused on the activity it takes to be successful not the results.”

    Wow, now that’s powerful! Thanks for sharing!

    Brent Carr

    • No problemo. Spencer is one of the most wise businessmen in the world… if he says anything it is usually worth sharing.
      Have you met Spencer in person before?


  2. really good stuff. it is so simple and so true.

  3. As always Dustin – you have hit on something good. These three “universal truths” are things that, if applied can lead to great success. Thanks!

  4. Evelina Prodanova Says:

    That`s a great post Dustin!

    To your question – which one of them is the most important one?
    I don`t think they`d work the same way if you separate them and you decide to stick to just one of them. Setting goals without having great self-talk and not being extremely committed will get you nowhere.
    On other hand if you don`t set high goals and set them right and work, think, live with them, you don`t know where you are going, a ship which doesn`t know which harbour it`s headed sinks.
    I love the fact Spencer Hays puts them in that order, because the steps simply follow each other.

    Thanks again,
    looking forward to new posts!

  5. Zak Peters Says:

    “Keepin’ it simple!” I love being reminded how no matter what it is, if a person wants to be successful all they need to focus on is the basics. The basics are and will always be the universal truth to success. 🙂

  6. John Carey Says:

    I’ve met Spencer Hays in person. Since then I start my days looking in the mirror and saying out loud to myself “I feel happy, healthy, and terrific. You good looking thing you, don’t you ever die.”

  7. Jim Mariani Says:

    “When the man is right, the world is right”…This sales school tale of the torn up world map reassembled by the little boy is Spencer at his very best. He directly influenced Jim Calder, for whom I had to privilege of being one of his “Giant Organization” from 72-77.

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